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Full-stack development and deployment of web and mobile apps.
Team extensions. Infrastructure optimization. Blockchain.
Agile software engineering. Peace of mind.

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Life on Mars is a software consultancy based in Germany and Portugal. We’re a collective of seasoned software engineers, all friends from university. We had been working apart in a multitude of challenging projects and came together to join forces under the same roof.

We specialize in MVP discovery, rapid prototyping, and full-stack concept-to-deployment development of web and mobile applications.

Our way

At Life on Mars, we know that creating great digital products is hard to get right. That is why we don't just focus on client satisfaction: we also strive for maximum employee happiness. We strongly believe that a happy and motivated team can do anything that’s thrown at them — and with a smile on their faces to boot.

Life on Mars handpicks all its team members prioritizing network referrals, and no one joins the team without every collaborator having voiced their enthusiastic consent.

We <3 Open Source

Life on Mars is very committed to Open Source. Aside from contributing through giving back to the community, we offer a 20% discount for any work published under an OSS license.

Case Study: We helped Origent build and launch a forecasting platform for ALS

ForecastOne™ ALS is a web application which allows clinicians to better understand the future progression of symptoms for individual patients living with ALS.

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Case Study: Emergency Support for Bonnier Publications

Bonnier Publications is the largest publisher of magazines in Northern Europe. They also run a large number of online publications, which makes uptime a critical concern.

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Case Study: Improving Professional Development for Teachers

Repurposing a prior open-source project to quickly deliver Learning Forward's pioneering process for school districts to measure a district's PD capabilities.

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Case Study: We Built An Online Marketplace From Scratch

In a nutshell, Madmarkedet’s vision was an Etsy-style marketplace for food and drinks. This was a fun project to be involved in, with no shortage of interesting challenges.

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Case Study: Building A Community For Modellers And Researchers

An important part of any scientific process is recording the method so anyone can replicate the study, test the theories, and compare results.

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Case Study: We Created a Tool to Market Hyperlocal Cinema Showtimes with Twitter

We built a toolchain to automatically generate tweets from a feed of showtimes and target them accordingly to the right postcodes.

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We're proud of the work we did with these fine people. It's clients and partners like these that make what we do here at Life on Mars worthwhile and rewarding.

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